BAMA18 Update;Organizers of Brong Ahafo Music Awards release press statement on the failure of BAMA scheduled on 11th .....

Brong Ahafo Music Awards management releases a press statement airing out the rationale behind the  failure to host BAMA18 on the scheduled date ,thus 11th August and announces rescheduled date for event which is 21st September 2018.The management team of J black code events Ghana officially extend a pro found gratitude and also apologize to Brong Ahafo Regional Command,the Brong Ahafo Regional Manager of Ghana ,tourism authority,Musiga,BAMA18 Nominees, musicians,Head of various institution,media ,music lovers and the general public for failure to host the maiden edition of Brong Ahafo Music Awards. The event organizers further explained ,the rationale behind it failure is due to negotiation problems for the use of venue ,thus usbert International Conference Center. Management explained further that a part payment was made to secure the venue before the schedule date of which balance had to be added later.But to J Black code event surprise ,The manager of the venue insisted a full payment  before event can be held which to them was impromptu .BAMA18 management tried their possible best to negotiate in other to get authorization to host event but was to no avail since the only option was to make full payment .Out of the explanation given BAMA18 organizers concluded as quoted"We are by this press release bringing to the notice of the general public that , we are confident to reiterate that,the rank and file of Eusbett Hotel Limited is the major factor for our major failure to host the 2018 edition of BAMA Awards scheme" They added "Granted! though their initial deposit for the use of the venue was late, it has no effect on hosting the event,as resources for branding stage and effects ,awards plaques, decorations and other important materials were all secured for us on 11th August 2018. For more info on this act BAMA18 Management team can be contacted on : 055323225/0247683384/0541909376/0246892750.  

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