Rave || Update: Lets draw the curtains down this friday 24th August @golda hotel

The Blockbuster night  At Golda Hotel On The 24th Of August .Come  Celebrate The Sala In A Grand Style 🤞 Guess the feeling  When we yell RAVE 🔥The Most Talked About Event ‘RAVE Season 2’ Featuring Activities Such As
Live Performances,
FIFA Stand,
Snooker Competition.
And many more
Lace Your Shoes because the Spin Master DJ Jimore will be giving you back to back tunes  🔥,
Ofcourse the hosting the event is the finest and  Youngest Mc , Odame Lisbon .
Don’t Forget To Take A Free Pop Corn and Cocktail Ryt After Grabbing Your Ticket. 🤞

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