The N. M. B records signee KwameNana ,The leader of the BAM Nation Music Group with showbiz name KOOKO GH is allegedly reported to have issues with his  manager (Nana Mosi Bansere) and wants to opt out of their contract.This rumor has been due to the abscent of management in the artist rescent  activities as spotted by the media. However, KOOKO the highest nominated artist in the  maiden Brong Ahafo music awards (BAMA18) and known for massive hits like od3 ooo Od3, Me yare, Nsa, atopa and video bi the current talk of  Town has been spotted shooting Secret classic videos in South Africa with a multi billion dollar company. Leaked pictures shows that he went with his first record son known in the Music Industry as 1Kolo who has also made to his credit three nominations in the maiden Brong Ahafo music awards.Stories of management involvement has not been disclosed yet. Stay close for more updates......

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