Happy glorious birthday Jeswil-OlisbOnline Spotlight

OlisbOnline today's personality spotlight was an amazing birthday wish by SHADRACH  wishes his friend Jeswil Danso as quoted;

"I had to wait till this time because my spirit tells me how you waited still receiving nourishments from your mum through the umbilical cord till around this time.

It was not to make your mum suffer at child birth but so that she will have enough rest throughout the 11th night through the dawn and early 12th morn  before family members starts visiting to congratulate her.

A female child was born, in fact a human being has been gifted to the family, a child who is to grow a strong woman of courage.
Yes! So soon the girl is now a lady and has since not disappointed those who rejoiced at her birth.
On this special day of your birth, I want to join the many in wishing you a happy anniversary.

Sake of your beauty and the way you carry yourself alone,beauty pundits are envisaging that Jeswil is a quintessential of a modern day lady.
I really cherish your zeal,your charisma and the way you twist your waist not withstanding your beauty. I can't say much because my heart is so filled with happiness and joy since most especially you celebrating your birthday with my younger sister who is so dear to my heart

All I can say right now is, May THE GOOD LORD who sees the  heart of man bless you abundantly for me. Words can't really express my sincere happiness for you on this special day of yours.

_Have a glorious birthday Sister Jeswil"

Of course this was the best spotlight of an amazing day like today. TeamOlisbOnline on this note wishes everyone celebrating his or her birthday in the month of February ,the love month a Happy and glorious birthday.

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