UEW-LIVE : UEW SRC dissociate itself from the ongoing demonstration

As released by the SRC of UEW on the 11TH MARCH, 2019.

"The SRC condemns the irresponsible and unacceptable uproar and pandemonium caused by some students early this morning. The SRC dissociate itself from this act of misconduct by the orchestrators of this uproar which tended to  distract ongoing lectures" The SRC add they never never sanctioned this act of misconduct(demonstration) by some of the students. 

The SRC on this note  cautioned those who spearheaded as well as those who involved themselves in this unlawful act that they have been strongly identified and would be made to face the full rigorous of the laws of UEW On the bases of their act of interfering lectures  and demanding students to leave lectures halls whiles lectures were ongoing is unfounded and unpardonable.  

The SRC hence urged the entire students body to calm nerves and exercise patient as they are following the laid down procedures to engage management and find the possible resolutions.

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