Nana Wan sets Ghana on fire with his BEBE concert new

The Bono east boy ep in short the BEBE concert was successful, Nana Wan an emerging  rapper from the Bono east kept people talking last weekend .Team OlisbOnline was privilege to witness a massive concert no first in history of Bono East .The rapper cheered over 2000 more of fans .It was trills and ethusiasm all night.Ofcourse it was  the biggest stage ever and the a first in history of the Bono east. In addition to that there was a lot of donations which included;the 1000 exercise books, t-shirts ,caps and so many more project.The Bebe concert has indicated the step up in the music industry in Bono East and Ghana at large . Nana Wan during the concert assured all funs and the world to expect more from his camp.Stay glued to OlisbOnline for more updates on the concert.


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