OdameGotnews:The C. E.O of Focus Media, Mr Alfred Kumi reveals his free promotion pack for friends and relatives brands

Mr Kumi took to his WhatsApp status this evening to celebrate and promote his friends holding brands in all sectors. In education, businesses, work and different types of brands. 
According to him, this is to celebrate,  promote to motivate them on thier dreams as he stated in interview with OlisbOnline

 ' I just want them to understand that there's someone who supports them from afar, so they shouldn't quit. Keep moving and surely you gonna make it ' 

He added that,whatever one sow now ,he will real I'm future . Hence,his friends , relatives and the general public should put much efforts in what they are doing now and will surely get benefits in the future.

He urges all friends and fans to have a vision first. Then work towards that vision. With handwork and determination , one prospers. Hence keep on working hard because hardwork pays

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