OlisbOnline has had a lot of interview with Nay Willz  which is due to his love for the betterment of Campus Entertainment.He  is an entertainment critic,influencer,Blogger and student presenter with radio windybay98.3mhz.

During our innitial interview he made mention of low patronage of UEW student when it comes to campus entertainment and however made some compliment on changes that has occurred now compared to before in our current interview. 

According to him the rate of patronage of campus Entertainment is improving and a perfect example is the overflow witnessed at a stage play(movie) this week tittled "THE KING MUST DANCE NAKED". He added he was overwhelmed with the attendance and it signifies improvement in patronage of campus Entertainment.

He continued as quoted;
"The poor Entertainment structure for UEW has cause it's low patronage and can be made better If there is a reform .A typical example has to do with the absence of an independent office for UEW Entertainment.Both the Major and minor  Entertainment Committees being fused with  the SRC and Hall Management even thou serving as a check on their activities also hinders the exclusive performance of these bodies greatly. In addition to that,the act of selecting the intercom on most cases is on merits which likewise affect activities in the long run since the experts are mostly left out .However, initiating a reform  system where students can vote and choose their preferred Hall intercoms and SRC entertainment chairmen who will work for the interest of the students which I believe will help improve our horizons in the entertainment arena in Uew which will help increase the patronage and recommendation outside campus as well.Why will I say this?  "We have to get the experts and well known industry players on board and other aspect that I will talk about into details another time".
In conclusion,he emphasized  that the university community 
UEW, is coupled with millions of talents which need to be supported,projected and promoted with the help of the school leaders that's the  SRC/NUGS/HALL INTERCOMS/CAMPUS EVENT ORGANIZERS and all necessary stakeholder who matters most  must come to trigger and fight together for this good cause.

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  1. Was here, and I got a lot to say on the entertainment aspect of the school but time will not permit me,will visit here some other time to drop comment..I am Morale,a student of uew,South campus..