Olisbonline has a conversation with one of GHANA’s young and vibrant politician popular know as Political Thinker .According to the young political genius ;

“The reign of the super  incompetent John Mahama, Ghanaians experienced the worst governance ever coupled with pandemic corruption, dumsor, high inflation rate, high policy rate, cancellation of allowances for Teachers and Nurses trainees, poor roads, high cost of living, high cost of doing business, useless taxes amongst others.

Everyone was suffering as the result of John Mahama's poor leadership crisis. The poorest of the poor including kayayei were all suffering under John Mahama's Kakistocracy and kleptocracy.

The middle class and upper class including Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur were all suffering from the super incompetency of John Mahama.

Ghana lost a significant respect in the eyes of the Global Community. Thankfully, President Akufo-Addo and NPP Government has restored Ghana's respect globally.

John Mahama wasted four precious years with the lackadaisical attitudes to address the challenges of Dumsor but was very unsuccessful before being voted out of Office in 2016.

Ghanaians are now wondering what would have happened to them during these difficult moments of Coronavirus pandemic if the Incompetent John Mahama was still in power. Certainly, Ghanaians would have experienced the worst death rates surpassing Italy, Spain, China, UK and US.

He concluded ,In this year 2020 general elections, a vote for John Mahama is a vote for the return of Kakistocracy and kleptocracy so the good people of GHANA should be cautious during election” .

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