Otooo GH  ,one of Ghana’s finest comedian has been in the industry for some years and has dominated in the Ghanaian local movie scenes. His extraordinary performance keeps most of his fans excited and perplexed which has made everyone generate greater love for his craft.
      On a rescent interview with Odame Gotnews ,Otoo GH he complained on the comparison most Ghanaians has been making between Lilwin and Himself. He said most people on several occasion compare his exceptional performance with Lilwin,expecially his “Oldman scenes”  of which he pleads on fans  and love ones to do away with such arguments.

  Adding up to this ,he explained, he is in no position or with any rationale creating an act of superiority or being disrespectful over Lilwin. He is however stating the fact that Lilwin and himself has their own exceptionalities in executing their comic roles when called for .Moreover Lilwin is a senior in the movie industry of which he respects him fully for that.
     He added fans should continue to support him as they have done over the years and should refrain from the on going comparison.Also he added he has a lot of great  projects that he is working an and promises fans of releasing them soon .

Olisbonline promise to update the general public on any development that pops up about Otooo Gh

Otooo GH


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  1. Hmm I really love Otoo
    In this world every one is important
    Just that everyone has his time of making a 🌟... Otoo your time is now
    God bless you. Canny Swanzy