Joyce Blessing talks about her marriage and court issues ,collabo with Kuami Eugene,international tours and collaborations, new social media and YouTube accounts, effect of covid 19 on her brand and many more with Gerry Gee on Space Fm

In a coversation with Gerry Gee on Space fm -Sunyani With Joyce Blessing about issues at her camp;

She commenced by talking about her new track "Da nase " making waves nationwide and beyond.She added ,her inspiration for making that track is from the everyday grace and mercies mankind receives from God .

With regards to her brand and issues evolving around herself and her record label .She said ,her record label is using her image which is wrong. She continued;she is still pushing hard to get accounts associated to her brand from her old record label back legally. She also said even though she has a new accounts ,she still want a single source for a her online activities. She added,the general public can for now follow her on Unbreakable Joyce Blessing on all social media handles and on YouTube;Joyce Blessing  Unbreakable. 

In addition to that ,she said ; re uniting with her husband is something she can't talk about in public ,but she is optimistic that God knows best ,when the appropriate time emerges, things will work in God's own way .

Futhermore,Joyce Blessing explain the effect of covid 19 on her brand  .According to her ,the pandemic has been of negative effect on her brand .This includes; blocking her international collaborations and tours .s?She also said the industry is slow since movement is partially restricted,especially on public gathering which is a major factor for the existence of events .Moreover,She had personal business she was building aside music which has also been  cut off due to covid 19.She concluded that ,Covid has come to stay hence, everyone should follow  the precautionary measures and stay safe .
She also mentioned of a possible collaboration between Kuami Eugene and herself .

Finally ,she expressed her love being a native Bono region and how proud she is for that . She then show gratitude and appreciation for evryone supporting her craft and urged everyone to keep supporting her .

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