Fashion:Effect of Covid 19 on fashion and modeling globally and the way forward-Odartey

Olisbonline had a chat with one of the hardworking and outstanding fashion personality from Africa popular know as Odartey ,the founder and creative director of Odartey Style And Fashion Awards.
Finding out from him the effect of covid 19 on the fashion industry and way forward.Elucidating on this issues , he said ;

"Well.. honestly speaking ; Covid 19 has really made the Fashion industry to be slow, things are not really going well in the industry, some designers are struggling in the industry .
Others keep making outfits but trust me customers quest to purchase them is very low .Most of them are scared of contacting the virus. In addition to that its a big blow to event organizers. A lot of Fashion shows has been cancelled and postponed to next year because everybody wants to stay away from the virus.It has therefore reduced the level at which fashion in Ghana has acquire recognition both nationwide and international. However, event production and organizing is my field so i will say there is hope .The Fashion and modeling industry can be kept alive by organising our virtual fashion show or Events.

Our best option to rely on digital platforms such us on Apps,Websites, Social media platforms;including YouTube,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,among others and if possible partnering with a Tv house to show event LIVE whilst we are indoors and staying away from the virus.In addition to that we must keep encouraging our fashion designers, etc who are doing so well in the Fashion industry to keep making outfits and keep showcasing their collections to the world via online that's the best thing to keep them alive in the industry in this time of covid 19.
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  1. Sure boss... it's only the way,I have been witnessing it paaa