Fashion:Gh Fashion and Modeling Industry is not a family and friends avenue, use professionals for the job -Prisca fumes

Prisca, an outstanding award winning  female model on the first episode of The Gist Talk Show with Joey made revelations on the rationale behind the retardness  in the modeling and fashion industry and suggested  solutions .
       According to her a mojor problem affecting the industry's growth is lack of unity .With her experience, every individual in the industry has always focused on his or herself alone and not the industry as a whole, when this happens achieving an ultimate goal as an industry is not assured.She added,it's not bad though to work hard individually, but it must have a greater reflection on the industry as a whole .
     Adding up ,she said; the industry can get the right recognition in Ghana if its well planned and structured as well as using experts in executing various function in the various unions involved such as Moduga, Faduga,FIAG ,among others . She believes, every individual has a limitation ,hence the need to fish out the right people for a specific functions.

   Moreover,replacing models with strictly musicians and actress for commercials(adverts) is another major problem she stated . She thinks its not right ,adverts are for professionals,thats models hence the need for companies to refrain from using the wrong industry for the advert jobs.
  Delving deep into some of her mistake in the industry, she revealed making close friends has been the worst action taken and its not advisable entertain people in the industry. She defended, you can however be cool to everyone but make sure ther is a limit ...

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  1. Well said top model,Moduga FIAG and Faduga need to be firm. Models should be recognized as professionals.