The women commissioner of University of Education, Winneba Hawa Alidu(Hajia Cruiz)officially declares her intention to contest for the position of the USAG WOMEN'S COMMISSIONER 2020.

As captured in her team's rescent statement this week;

Hawa Alidu (Hajia Cruz)

USAG women’s commissioner hopeful.

Declaration of intent :

ACHIEVEMENTS with my position as the WOMENS COMMISSIONER IN THE University Of Education Winneba.

1. Created and launched an active commission with 100 members which was made up of all the female leaders in our institution.This ensured that, every department appointed a wocom to be the mouth piece of the ladies and a representative.

2. Organized 7 (SEVEN) conferences , workshop and serminars. Consisting of ;Entrepreneurship
Digital training and workshop
Leadership serminars and conferences
Personality Branding and marketing conferences.
Relationship serminars among others.

3. Hosted a radio program in the name of the office dubbed
"Anything everything "
Every Monday’s on our campus radio station (Radio windy bay 98.3fm) which focused on ladies
And discussions centered on women.

4. Produced first aid boxes to our halls in our institution to serve our first aid purposes

5. Printed over 5000 customized exercise books and shared to our female students in our institution

6. Organized cooking competitions. A collaboration with the various halls in our institutions to welcome our fresh students and to also socialize .

7. Award ceremony and skill training (pending due to covid but all arrangements are done just waiting on school to resume.

8. UEW_wocom
designed our first time logo and customized costumes (t shirt for the office)

9. Organized an educational trip and donation to 4 selected junior high schools, educated them and gave them some educational materials.

10. Collaborated with the Current USAG Wocom to donate and educate the public on covid 19.Among others.

Details of programs and projects on our official INSTAGRAM page I created during my tenure of office @ wocom_UEW

These are some, of the achievements and impacts I (Hawa Alidu ) Hajia CRUZ. Have been able to achieve with my office as the women’s commissioner of the university of education winneba, despite the unfortunates and set backs the deadly Covid 19 has caused to the 2019/2020 Acadamic year.

"Today I confirm that after wide consultation and deep introspection, I declare intent to seek an all important office of the USAG women’s commissioner ." I shall offer my self in the pending election as a visionary and vibrant person for the position of the USAG women’s commissioner. My vision and perspective. Remains intact and even much more mightier. I have built for my self over the years a reputation of excellency, integrity ,Hardwork and an outstanding track record of accomplishment to help me bring what we need as students into reality. In the coming days, I will put door my plan and policies for the teeming colleague students of our various astute universities.Thank you

(USAG women’s commissioner hopeful)

#the feminist’s project.

Issued by : Management team.

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