C.E.O of Aketesia group ,Adu Safowaah donates to Dwumo and Alafia villages as well as to 25 widows in the Eastern region during her 30th birthday .

The C.E.O of Aketesia group decided to celebrate her 30th birthday with natives of  some selected villages,Dwumo and Alafia respectively and donate to 25 widows in the Eastern region .
      With her team, Adu Safowaah  foundation, she donated a lot of items including rice ,oil,packs of water ,pencils, books,cloths ,drink and food,shower gels,liquid soaps to the vilages . 
      A special packages was delivered to widows in the some selected  towns in the  region .She did not only donated but shared joy and made merry with the natives . It was a touching moment  as reflected with joy and happiness in the eyes of the people .
    Adu Safowaah promised to visit them time to time to know their well being and assist them which ever way she can.
   However, during her speech at the birthday ceremony, she unveiled firms  that makes up her company  the Aketesia Group which includes; Adu Safowaah Foundation, Aketesia cement Store ,Aketesia Ushering Service ,Aketesia household products ,Kwaa Ice Mineral water,among others .
   In the act of unveiling her business, she showed a heart felt appreciation to the almighty God for His goodness and how far He has lead her with blessing and fortune.  She also thanked her family for their love and support with special dedication to her stepmother (mother) for her exceptional care taking since infancy and her great and positive impact on her life.She added friend , relatives ,and business partners including the media has been good to her and she is grateful to everyone's support .
   She also mentioned the soon to launch book of hers tittled ; "My fame ,my Shame" among other great achievements in the media space she thanked  God for .

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