The President of the Kwabre East Graduates and Tertiary Students Association (KEGTSA), Mr. Fosu Hayford, on 11th August 2021 paid a visit to the Kwabre East Member of Parliament, Hon. Francisca Oteng Mensah at the District Capital, Mamponteng .

In their discussion, Mr.Fosu Hayford Made Hon.Francisca Oteng Mensah , the daughter of Dr.Kwaku Oteng aware that, the Kwabre East Graduate and Tertiary Students Association has been in highly constraints in terms of financial, emotional and technical know-how.The voting demographic is generally known for its outshining youth unemployment which has become a social concern and a migraine to all. 


What's more, the president in their discussion said "handling unemployment issues, granting scholarships to their meriting individuals and certain technicalities and so on are subjects out of hand" which must be dealt with.


Accordingly, the Member of Parliament, Hon.Franscisca Oteng Mensah made made it very clear that,she truly appreciate  Mr.Fosu Hayford the President of the association and his whole team,effort in bringing her Cherished Tertiary and Graduate Student together. 


It has consistently been her anxiety with regards to how to get these unemployed individuals and the meriting Tertiary Students that necessarily needs to be awarded to enable them in their reason for their schooling. 

 Hon.Franscis Oteng Mensah said " My doors are consistently open to receive letters from the association and I'm willing to help you in any case to make your kin agreeable".


The Member of Parliament in her conversation with the president of the association , further said, the president and his entire team should coalite all the names of those who applied for the local government scholarship and respectively present them to her office since she is also a panel of the board of interview. On unemployment for further enquiries

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