The University of Winneba's logo comprises of the "AdinkraNtesie" crest that is a torch with transmitting light.

These two components are reproduced together to bring up incredible component of the visual identity of the University.

The University's crest  and the torch transmitting its lights sparkles a 360 way. It is a worldwide image of the University’s reputation for developing people to brighten the world around us through high quality educational standards.


The fire addresses the light that will at long last annihilate obliviousness and clear way for edification or enlightenment across the world.

The Star, blasting structures a round frequencies and imparts the possibility that instructors and different people prepared by the University would get into each edge of Ghana and the world to serve and sparkle with their skill regardless of economic wellbeing, religion or sex.

The shading topic of red joins with blue against an unadulterated white foundation to represent hard work and perseverance.  All the images are secured in a circle bearing the aphorism: Education for Service and representing the fulfillment of preparing at the University of Education, Winneba.

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